Unexpected Love

“It was an unexpected love story between the two…”- Marleah Stout

Brooke and Jason’s first meeting was unexpected, unwarranted, without warning, but most importantly— completely ordained by God.

After a demanding Fall Semester at Central Michigan University, Brooke and Jason both returned to campus after a refreshing winter break full of prayer and confident praise that God would provide all that He had promised. During winter recess, Jason had brought his request before God, that He would be preparing a wife for him who emanated Jesus. Brooke, miles and miles away was praying for a Godly husband, the one whom her heart would call home. At this time, Brooke and Jason did not know that one another existed, but God in His perfect design knew exactly what He was doing.

On a very unplanned evening, Jason and Brooke locked eyes at the Delta Xi fraternity house. Upon walking in the door, Brooke knew that she needed to talk to Jason, recognizing that something was different about his spirit. He felt the same way, to say the least.

That night the first chapter of Brooke and Jason’s story began. Jason and Brooke married three and a half years later on September 17, 2016.

The big day started with a few nerves, as it began as a rainy Saturday morning. Just as hair and makeup was all done, the skies turned blue, the clouds parted and it turned into the most gorgeous September day.

As Brooke walked down the aisle, Jason was completely breathless. Everything that he had prayed for was walking towards him all at once. The future looked pure, lovely and beautiful, dressed in white, ready to say yes to forever.

Brooke said: “It was the most amazing experience to have everyone that I love and care about in one room”. Brooke and Jason’s wedding was truly such a special day full of precious memories and the beginning of a lifetime filled with sweet, sweet love.

Upon engagement, Kathryn and Brooke met at a coffee shop to discuss the exciting details, where Brooke proclaimed that she absolutely would not get married if she was not wearing a Kathryn Ann veil. Brooke’s veil is one of Kathryn Ann Bridal’s top sellers. P.S. I Love You is an ageless style that much like Brooke and Jason’s marriage will withstand the test of time.

One of the most important moments of Brooke’s wedding day was when Kathryn put her veil on her. Brooke remembers this time as the moment that she truly felt like a bride. The veil encompassed the whole wedding, Brooke says— simple elegance.

Brooke and Jason are now living their happily ever after in the Metro Detroit area, both pursuing their passions and living the life that they had always dreamt of!

All photographs taken by Melissa Outman Gregersen of Gregersen Photography
Photographs taken at St. Luke's Episcopal Church of Kalamazoo
Hair Stylist: Kim Qualls
Makeup Artist: Shay Evans
Floral Design: Kerissa Keller, Brooke Foulds and friends
Dress Designer: Stella York